Keen to keep your glass in top condition? A few useful tips

Laboratory tests have certified that the High Definition Glass by Vetrerie Riunite is resistant to thermal shocks and mechanical stress.

To ensure that your household glassware, such as glasses and dishes, remain in optimum condition, here are some useful tips you can follow:

  • To avoidchips, abrasion and cracks in your glass items, do not stack glasses that aren’t stackable.
  • Use a plastic scoop for ice and not the glass itself.
  • Don’t put cutlery in glasses.
  • Do not use abrasive padsto clean glass items.
  • Load the dishwasherby dividing items into their specific areas and use dishwasher salt to keep your glass shining for longer.

Follow these simple rules to ensure that your glass items will last a long time without breaking and will always be bright and sparkling.