The Company

Vetrerie Riunite Group through the business unit Borromini has gained many years of experience in the planning and development of moulds, principally for the automotive sector.
 These guarantees:

  • An optimization of the product with a consequent improvement in quality standards achieved
  • Increase in reliability in the cycle of production/moulding
  • Compatibility in every part of the moulding process

Our team can provide an economic technical solution to optimise the moulding process, therefore providing global solutions. 
We can offer support in the evaluation and management of external ovens.
Our technical office simulates flow within moulds using dynamic simulation.
The support of Vetrerie Riunite Group extends to the supply of moulds for plastic and finished products, in relation to both their performance and quality.
The principal clients of Vetrerie Riunite Group in the automotive sector are:
 Marelli, Hella, Farba, ZKW, Valeo, Elba, Magna, Koito.

Borromini produces moulds of high precision and complexity for the automotive sector and glass presses, using the very latest technical tools.

Our products

Plastic moulds

We build moulds in steel to produce plastic components for the automotive sector. High precision moulds with surfaces polished like a mirror are the details that provide the perfect mix to create products from Borromini. We can also produce moulds with up to four individual colours.

Glass moulds

Production of high precision moulds to create highly detailed glass products. Thanks to a special system it is possible to create an infinite variety of products with very complex shapes and we can even personalise down to a single mould for one off items.

Moldflow analysis

During the creation of the mould it is possible for our technicians to monitor exactly what is happening within the mould once it is filled with the material. The information gained can then be used to dynamically in real time allow our technicians to modify the performance characteristics of the mould.


Borromini creates moulds that comply with UNI EN ISO 9001certified by the TUV Italia S.r.l. that checks conformity to production and technical specifications, Vetrerie Riunite Group produces small quantities of plastic components to ensure compliance to all client’s requirements

Technology & Innovation

The creation of a mould within the technical office of Borromini, created by software design in either two or three dimensions, also enables the optimised choice of materials for the mould design.
This multiplatform design process allows for the 24-hour production of any size (to include moulds with a weight of up to 40 quintals), maintaining the highest levels of precision required by the client.
Thanks to over 100 years of experience and knowhow in the automotive design sector. Borromini is an established world leader in the creation and production of moulds to the very best specifications.

Customer care

Borromini can supply economic and technical evaluation in both production and moulds. In addition, we can offer specialised advice in the valuation and management of external foundries.
The process of collaboration together with the client to the smallest detail enables the creation of the mould. Vetrerie Riunite Group also presents a series of finished production pieces to the client to compare and validate any modifications required.


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