The Brand

Chef Table is a brand of Vetrerie Riunite S.p.A. specialized in the production of glass bakeware with italian design.

When entrepreneurship meets design and cooking, an innovative and one-of-a-kind product is born. Chef Table is a new ovenproof dish system ready to be used by all chefs, amateur or otherwise. The glass dish is no longer just a cooking tool, but guarantees, when the time comes to serve the course, to admire the work done during the layering process as well as in that of serving; the goal is to develop a collection that allows dishes of great effect to be presented on the table, even every day.

Depending on the cooking needs, the Chef Table system allows different options of use. The base of the casserole can be used alone, or combined with its lid; the latter also has the possibility of being used as a tray on which to serve dishes on the table; it is also possible to place it upside down over the tall dish and cook on it, while not losing the function of the lid.

In 2019 Chef Table won a gold medal at the European Design Award in the catering category.

Design and functionality

Chef Table manufactures products only and exclusively in sodium calcium glass, with a very low metal content, thanks to the nobility and purity of the materials used and to the accurate daily quality control tests. The tempering process allows the glass to withstand uniform and gradual heating.

  • Lead free, 100% recyclable
  • Tempered glass, oven safe up to 250 ° C
  • Microwave safe
  • Brilliant and transparent
  • Dishwasher safe


Download ISO 7086 NORM

Chef Table products

Glass casseroles with base and lid, ideal for cooking soufflés, lasagna, roasts and braised meats.

Glass baking dishes for an impressive presentation, great for serving finger food and appetizers.

Set of casseroles, lasagna and trays, great for a special gift.

Lasagna dish to cook lasagna, pasta or vegetables au gratin and serve them on the table.

Glass trays suitable for cooking roasted meat or fish and serving them directly to the table.


16×14 cm

25×15 cm

31 x 25 cm


Baking dishes

17 x 15 cm

26 x 16 cm

32 x 26 cm

16 x 14 cm

Lasagna dishes

25 x 15 cm

32 x 21 cm

41 x 27 cm



31 x 25 cm

35 x 30 cm

40 x 35 cm


Casserole set 3 pieces

Bakeware set 3 pieces

Lasagna set 2 pieces

Lasagna set 3 pieces

Roaster set 2 pieces

Roaster set 3 pieces

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