Stylish, functional and environmentally friendly

Chef Table combines Italian design with sustainability and concern for the environment.
The collection is made without the use of heavy metals and is 100% recyclable.

  • Oven and microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tempered glass
  • Lead and boron free

Cooking has never looked so good

Innovative design, great functionality and promotes healthy cooking: Chef Table takes your passion for cooking to the next level.
Chef Table combines an elegant and essential style with
the Gastronorm standard, used by great chefs in professional kitchens.

Tempered glass, oven safe up to 250° C

Microwave safe

Easy to clean

From the oven to the table

Choose Chef Table designs to prepare, cook and serve your meals all in one dish. The Chef Table system offers many options:

  • baking dish (1)
  • baking dish with lid (2)
  • the lid can be used as a serving tray (3)
  • the lid turned upside down over the pan to be used for cooking (4)

Brilliant & transparent

From the table to the freezer

With Chef Table you can store food in the freezer.
Save time and always be ready for last-minute dinners!

Dishwasher safe

Lead free, 100% recyclable


Download ISO 7086 NORM

Chef Table products

Glass casseroles with base and lid, ideal for cooking soufflés, lasagna, roasts and braised meats.

Glass baking dishes for an impressive presentation, great for serving finger food and appetizers.

Set of casseroles, lasagna and trays, great for a special gift.

Lasagna dish to cook lasagna, pasta or vegetables au gratin and serve them on the table.

Glass trays suitable for cooking roasted meat or fish and serving them directly to the table.


16×14 cm

25×15 cm

31 x 25 cm


Baking dishes

17 x 15 cm

26 x 16 cm

32 x 26 cm

16 x 14 cm

Lasagna dishes

25 x 15 cm

32 x 21 cm

41 x 27 cm



31 x 25 cm

35 x 30 cm

40 x 35 cm


Casserole set 3 pieces

Bakeware set 3 pieces

Lasagna set 2 pieces

Lasagna set 3 pieces

Roaster set 2 pieces

Roaster set 3 pieces

Where to buy

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