The Company

Vetrerie Riunite is the main business of VR Group, specialised in the production of glass items to the highest standards and quality. Thanks to the innovative procedures developed within our own internal workshop’s VR Group has established itself as the world leader in high quality glass components. The premium quality of the materials used, combined with our team’s depth of experience has produced the perfect synergy to allow us to satisfy the largest producers of electrical domestic products on a global basis.

The worldwide agreements reached with our top end class clients has enabled this Verona based group to reach and indeed exceed their exacting requirements. We constantly monitor to an exacting level our production to ensure the highest standards for our many clients.

These include among many others LG, WhirIpool, Miele, Candy, Electrolux and Bosch.

High Definition Glass is the name of our glass produced with a base of sodium and lime which gives it unique properties:

  • Resistance and strength: Laboratory tests have demonstrated a high resistance to mechanical wear. High definition glass also has outstanding resistance to water and other chemicals.
  • 100% recyclable:  Its chemical composition is free of pollutants such as lead and cadium, and therefore it is both environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Brilliance: Glass from the VR Group has a very high level of brilliance which displays a level of refraction equal to 1.51
  • Transparency: Thanks to a level of iron close to zero, our glass reaches an index level equal to 92% light transmission, rendering it extremely transparent.

Our products

Door glasses

Door glasses for washing machines and drying machines, produced with maximum care and attention for the world’s largest manufacturers of electrical domestic goods.


Chef Table branded high quality products with unique Italian design.

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Our products in glass produced by VR Group are made from materials of the highest quality carefully chosen to benefit from our cutting-edge production techniques. Research carried out in our company labs allows us to use the very best materials from all over the world. Glass from the VR Group is certified by the Directive REACH 1907/2006/CE which ensures it is free from polluting elements. This characteristic allows the glass to be 100% recycled as proven by UNI-EN 12457-2 and suitable to be used for both food and beverages. Our products for the general household from VR Group can be used in microwave ovens (regulation EN 15284:2007) and are also dishwasher proof (resistant to hydrolysis Class 3). These quality certificates must be renewed each year.

Download the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate

Technology & Innovation

Thanks to technologically advanced systems and highly trained personnel, the group’s core business focuses on the continuous innovation of products and industrial processes. With the installation of the new Centauro oven, energy savings of 40% in gas and electricity consumption have been achieved. The internal R&D department also coordinates all product creation, from mould design to prototyping, ensuring complete control of the supply chain. Finally, the VR Group laboratories constantly monitor the input of raw materials by selecting only those that meet the highest quality standards.

Customer care

VR Group has managed to achieve through constant and close monitoring of customer needs and requirements, to work with our clients on a “just in time” perspective. Through co-design activities, the group can pro-actively contribute to the product development phase.
Projects are analyzed to achieve maximum optimization, both from a functional and cost point of view. Taking the clients point of view allows the group to create highly complex and technological solutions. This has allowed the establishment of lasting and solid partnerships, based on the professionalism of the services offered to our partners.


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