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VR Group is a global leader in the market for glass fronted door glasses for the home appliance market and works with over 3,000 clients all over the world. Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, ability to innovate and dynamism we have over 100 years of experience in this sector.

Our story started in 1905, when our founders who worked in the historically important glass making tradition of Altare (SV) and Colle Val d’Elsa (SI), started working in Turin manufacturing lighting for the residential sector and industrial components (Isolators). The automotive sector in the seventies was in a boom period andVetrerie Riunite Group started producing glass for headlights. To manage the increasing demand for its productsVetrerie Riunite Group established its new factory and head office at Colognola ai Colli in the province of Verona. This was how Vetrerie Riunite spa was founded. During this time, production and development of door glasses for washing and dish washing machines was started and this became the principal business for the group.

In 1981Vetrerie Riunite Group purchased Borromini srl a company with many years’ experience in the production and development of moulds for the automotive lighting sector. In the middle of the eighty’s Vetrerie Riunite Group created Novaref spa to develop glass rollers for the ceramics and construction business.
TheVetrerie Riunite Group has moved forward into the new millennium and continues its growth in both production, quality and exploiting new techniques. The latest investment for the group in 2017 was the building of a new oven Centauro, which will enable production levels to be increased by 25% to reach 300 tonnes of glass per day.


Nasce la prima industria di fanaleria in vetro per auto a Torino


Nasce lo stabilimento di Vetrerie Riunite SpA a Colognola ai Colli (VR)

Fine anni ’50

Prima pressa automatizzata

Fine anni ’60

Inizia la produzione di fari nella sede di Verona

Fine anni ’80

Prima pressa idraulica


Nasce Borromini


Nasce Novaref


Viene installato il 1° alimentatore elettronico

Fine anni ’90

La produzione di oblò diventa il core business aziendale


Viene installato un nuovo altoforno


La procedura di tempra del vetro viene inserita nelle linee produttive


Installazione nuovo altoforno Centauro


Ciclo produttivo completamente automatizzato


To be the world leader in the production of high-quality components whilst respecting the environment.


We will become the global reference point for clients looking for highly specialised complex products, our focus is always to innovate using cutting-edge technologies.

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