VR group is one of the 54 customers who joined the “Fedabo Ecosystem” project developed in collaboration with zero CO2.

Fedabo has in fact undertaken to carry out a reclamation on the banks of the Oglio river, which was necessary due to the indiscriminate cutting of limited areas of riparian vegetation, favoring the entry of exotic species extremely harmful to the river ecosystem and increasing the hydraulic danger.

For this reason, in addition to the reclamation, a planting of 17 black octanes and white hornbeams was carried out along the banks of the Oglio river.

In this way VR group helps to protect the native vegetation, redeveloping over 9000 square meters of green area and preserving the delicate balance of the river woods. This initiative is the result of the VR group’s actions aimed at promoting activities that protect the environment and reduce the impact on it.

Cover image source: http://www.ilfiumeoglio.it/progetti/