VR group has been collaborating for several years with the Monteverde Onlus Cooperative, which provides assistance to people with disabilities throughout the eastern Veronese area and beyond, through various activities, such as rehabilitation and craft workshops with the creation of favours, handmade paper and various objects (Fucina della Solidarietà), day centres and services to minors and families.

In 2016, VR group donated a cycle ergometer to enable people with total absence or partial ability to mobilise their lower limbs to exercise every day.

In 2017 it was possible to purchase, also thanks to VR group’s donation, a minibus equipped to transport people with disabilities and to support workshops for the production of solidarity gifts.

In 2018, the ‘Anch’io mi diverto’ project for children with disabilities was supported, and again the workshops for the production of solidarity gifts.

In the last few years, the production of solidarity gifts to be given to staff and employees at Christmas has always been continued, with the exception of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, which made the management of the activity more complex.

This continuous collaboration is very important for VR group in order to involve the local community in social activities and promote the integration of fragile people into society.

We are convinced that inclusive territories are also territories in which companies are able to stay, interact, produce and create value more effectively, VR group plays its part with great enthusiasm and involvement by supporting Monteverde and its activities.