The alternation between school and work (Buona Scuola) has provided for compulsory training courses for students in secondary schools during which hours of classroom teaching are alternated with periods of learning through work experience, for a total of at least 400 hours in professional institutes and at least 200 hours in high schools.

In the last two years Vetrerie Riunite has helped to host 8 students from both secondary schools in Verona (Istituto Superiore Michele Sammicheli and Istituto Superiore “Copernico-Pasol) and the province (ISISS M.O. Luciano Dal Cero in San Bonifacio and Istituto Tecnico Agrario e Chimico A. Trentin in Lonigo), thus contributing to the development of the east-Verona area.

The young people were placed in the company to work alongside employees in the order management office, sales and marketing office, technical office, chemical laboratory, IT office and machine maintenance workshop.

Vetrerie Riunite has therefore seized the opportunity to make the local community more aware of an Italian company with an international presence thanks to its business of glass portholes for washing machines and dryers of the major brands on the market.