#lessplastic: 5 reasons to replace plastic with glass

In a world that is increasingly attentive to ecological solutions and the preservation of human health, there is a big enemy that threatens our entire everyday ecosystem: plastic.

Thanks to the HD Glass technology developed by Vetrerie Riunite , there is an alternative to this highly polluting material. The glass developed by the company in Colognola ai Colli is free of harmful components and performs much better in five areas:

  1. Plastic is made by processing oil: a rare resource that is highly polluting. VR Group glass does not contain dangerous substances thanks to its innovative formula and the raw materials used.
  2. Only a small part of plastic can be recycled, while Vetrerie Riunite glass is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, plastic materials do not decompose easily and can, in fact, last for hundreds of years, making the disposal process difficult.
  3. Plastic releases toxins into food. Unlike glass, the chemical composition of plastic polymers contains harmful elements that can compromise food and drink.
  4. Plastic increases the risk of cancer and hormonal disfunction: recent studies have shown that the release of pollutants from plastics damages human organs. HD glass does not release any pathogenic agents.
  5. Plastic pollutes the oceans: there areplastic islands that stretch for kilometres and can even be seen from space. Plastic products can also immobilise and kill marine and terrestrial animals. Many of these living creatures struggle to free themselves from waste which is then transformed into a deadly trap.