Novaref: 30 years of success

In the mid-1980s, the Vetrerie Riunite group noticed the signs of technological evolution in the ceramic firing sector, restructured its refractory department and founded Novaref, an internationally successful company that produces ceramic rollers for single firing.

Over the years, what started out as a small roller production department has evolved as a company, mostly thanks to the implementation of powerful production lines that have transformed it into an international leader in the sector.

It was late 1995 when Novaref reached a production rate of one million rollers per year. In 2009, it founded the subsidiary Novaref Iberia S.L. in Onda Castellón (Spain), with a 2000 m2 warehouse and a sales department, to work directly with Spanish clients.

Today, the Colognola ai Colli (VR) plant covers an area of approximately 25,500 m2. Novaref operates in two markets: the production and marketing of refractory rollers used in the firing of porcelain stoneware, single-fired and double-fired tiles and the production of special pieces for the building sector. Novaref is part of holding company Vetrerie Riunite, which also owns tableware company Vidivi Vetri delle Venezie and automotive company Borromini.