VR group responded promptly to the Covid-19 emergency by setting up a Covid Committee responsible for defining a series of protocols, in addition to governmental ones, and shared with Trade Union Representatives, which, adapting promptly to the pandemic situation, established specific provisions in the following areas:

  1. Information (to workers, third parties or the company)
  2. Procedure for entering the company
  3. Procedure for dealing with suppliers and contractors
  4. Company cleaning and sanitation
  5. Personal hygiene precautions
  6. Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Common Area Management
  8. Company organization
  9. Meetings, events and staff training
  10. Management of symptomatic workers in the company
  11. Health surveillance and competent doctor
  12. Update of the protocol


During the most critical phases of the pandemic, the company has also made available to workers a free swab service 7 days a week at the company infirmary and in addition to surgical masks were also provided FFP2 with mandatory use within the company spaces.