The Company

Novaref is a division of VR Group founded in the middle of the eighties at Colognola ai Colli.
The company operates in two distinct markets: production of refractory rollers and special pieces for buildings.
The reference point for refactory rollers is that of the ceramic industry where they are used in the firing process of porcelain, both single fired and double fired.

The Ceramics division of VR Group has a subsidiary in Spain: Novaref Iberia.

Specialised rollers however are also destined for the building sector to be used in the production of facades for architectural constructions unique and innovative.
Thanks to our depth of experience in these two sectors, our group can say that we are world leaders in the design and production of ceramic rollers.
Our principal clients are: I.C.F. & Welko S.p.A., Cooperativa Ceramica D’Imola S.c. , Pamesa Ceramica, Sacmi Forni S.p.A., SITI-B&T Group S.p.A.

Branded Novaref products can resist thermal changes over long periods of time. Moreover, they can perform without reacting chemically to the other materials with which they are in contact. The rollers require special processing to maintain high quality standards and not break during the heavy stresses to which they are being subjected. VR Group products are used in many sectors due to their versatile technical specifications.

The development of ceramic is characterized by:

  • Increase of ceramic roller dimensions
  • Increase of the product weight due to oversized thickness
  • New laminated products
  • Higher firing temperatures, especially for porcelain tile.

The subsequent increase of thermomechanical stress has highlighted the need of ever increasing dimensions and higher ceramic roller grades.

Novaref  suggests the following ceramic rollers:
Nova FX  –  Nova HF-XP Extremely high temperature and/or heavy loading
Nova HF  –  Nova HF-CR  –  Nova VHR Firing zone for floor and wall tiles
Nova SIX  –  Nova 421 Preheating and/or colling zone for floor and wall tiles

For the rapid cooling zone are also available our grades: Nova SiCar – Nova ST

ZMS-MULLITE GRIT is a first quality refractory material, composed of mullite and corundum crystals.

It is produced by sintering a compound of alumina and clay in a shuttle kiln at around 1500° C.

It gives high resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion at elevated temperature, low-reversibility thermal expansion and excellent thermal stability.

ZMS-MULLITE GRIT is used in the refractory and iron/steel industries as well as in the ramming mixed and refractory mortars.

Chemical composition:

Si O2 % 18,50
Al2 O3 % 75,00
Zr O2 % 4,00
Na2O % 0,25
Fe2O3 % 0,33
Si O2 % 18,50

Bulk density –  g/cm3  1,20
Specific density – g/cm3,10

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Our products

Refractory Rollers

VR Group with its Novaref brand offers a range of refractory rollers of the highest quality with technical and physical characteristics which makes them versatile for a wide range of industries.

Special pieces

VR Group produces glazed ceramic covering structures for architectural façades. A highly specialized product intended for the construction sector for the building of façades of buildings of great value.

How to choose a roller

Choosing between the various types of rollers is a key process. Our experience in the VR Group sector makes available to clients a specific software that, by attributing the operating data of the oven and the technical characteristics of the product, advises on the type of roller that guarantees the very best ratio between performance and cost.


VR Group because of its depth of experience and commitment to quality has been able to achieve the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality ceramics standard through the Ceramics Industry Certification Scheme.

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Technology & Innovation

VR Group is the only producer of ceramic refactory rollers with a length of over 6 metres. This was only made possible by the installation of a new oven which allows us to prepare the rollers with a minimum variation in temperature. This process is totally automated.

Customer care

With more than 30 years of experience in refactory rollers VR Group can assist our partners to choose the very best rollers for their production facilities. Thanks to data provided by customers on the type of oven and the processing performed, the service provided is distinguished by professionalism and research of a product that is “tailored to the customer needs”.


Novaref Iberia

VR Group has been in Spain for over 25 years. The Novaref Iberia S.L. plant is located in Onda Castellon and was open in 2009. It has 2000 m² of warehouse space and its own sales office, that works directly with Spanish customers.

Camì de Ratils S/N -Apdo 71
12200 Onda (Castellon)
Mobile +34663799730


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