The Wall of Verona

Arena newspaper published an article about the release of the book “The Walls of Verona”, for which Vetrerie Riunite is main sponsor.

“The Walls of Verona”, edited by Carthesia, describes and explores the historical context, the strategic role, the construction aspects, the structure and the state of conservation of the entire complex bastioned system of Verona.

Here we have Luca Villa, CEO at Vetrerie Riunite, preface to the volume:

“On the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, one word, one concept recurs more frequently than others: ingenuity.
Creativity and know-how are the red thread that runs through the generations, ensuring that each generation leaves the tangible sign of its passage on the territory in which it lived, establishing a valuable dialogue that delivers knowledge, traditions and skills to the future. A heritage that our city, Verona and its walls, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, tell uninterruptedly, providing us with the remains of a city of unparalleled beauty and wealth but also with the memory of excelling activities and knowledge.
Therefore, when we were informed of the publication of a book on the walls of Verona to celebrate Leonardo’s year, we desired to contribute to the narration of this history of excellence. Our company has always been in this territory, with which we share a deep bond, since we have inherited everything from here, values, creativity, know-how and spirit of initiative.
Strengthened by this spirit, by these virtues that belong to the DNA of the city, we have tried to assume an active and positive role in the community, returning with our work what we have received. This is because work represents the best of us, being the tangible expression of our being in the world, in which we try to bring a piece of our ingenuity, contributing to the economic and cultural development of our area.
Therefore, supporting the knowledge of our historical heritage, of monuments that have come to us, worn down by time, but charged with stories and memories, represents our will, not only to celebrate but also to listen, a way to keep alive the experience of those who came before us. This is because we come from far away and go even further. Preserving the memory is a duty and a pleasure since it speaks of us and our community to those who will one day collect our heritage.”